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The HESS contract offers a number of bonuses and perks. We help you find housing that you like, and offer a number of bonuses in your first and second year of employment.

  • Housing Assistance

    We have been helping our teachers find suitable housing for over 30 years. As soon as you start the initial training, your school will speak with you about your housing needs and get to work looking at some options. Whether you are looking to share an apartment or live on your own, we can find you the right place to live while you are in Taiwan.

    Housing Assistance
  • Foreign Management

    Working at HESS gives you a taste of working in a Taiwanese business environment, but we also have Western managers who will be your first point of contact. Having the touch of home will help you make the transition to living and working in a new country. With special focus on culture shock and cultural management, HESS trains both its Western and Taiwanese management staff on how to work with its teachers.

    Foreign Management
  • Assistance Learning Chinese

    Mandarin isn't a prerequisite, but it's certainly helpful. HESS is proud to have a partnership with National Taiwan Normal University's world-renowned Mandarin Training Center, which is the largest and leading institution dedicated to teaching Chinese as a second language. NTNU has generously offered discounts to HESS employees who are interested in learning Mandarin as a way to enhance their time in Taiwan. Flexible courses are offered online in real time with certified professors, so you can study from any location! If you’re looking for something a little more casual, we also provide a pocket-sized "Mandarin Survival Guide" booklet and accompanying 3-CD audio set so you can easily carry a convenient reference or begin to learn Mandarin on the go.

    Assistance Learning Chinese

Contract Completion Bonus

One year is really never enough time to fully enjoy and grow from the experience overseas. Experiencing at least two years living and teaching in Taiwan is something you cherish for the rest of your life. Teachers who complete their second consecutive contract with HESS will receive a bonus of NT$15,000. If you stay for a third year, you will receive NT$20,000 at the end of your third contract. Every completed contract after that will net you a NT$30,000 completion bonus at the end of the contract. This bonus can pay for a return flight home, an extended vacation in Southeast Asia, a chunk out of any student loans, or something special for yourself!