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The English Human Resources Department (EHRD) is made-up of people who currently live and work in Asia, so we have all been through the process of moving to work in a new country in Asia. EHRD handles worldwide foreign teacher recruitment, support, and management in Taiwan and across Asia. We aim to provide applicants with all the information they need to make the transition to living in Asia and working with HESS as easy as possible. Having employed more than 6,000 Foreign teachers over 30 years, we are an expert on handling all your documents’ needs. We welcome all of your questions and take a look below to get to know us a little better.

  • David Carney

    Applications and Interviews Coordinator

    David Carney

    "Meeting new people and exploring new places will never get old."

    David moved to Taiwan in February 2012 after studying brand strategy at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. David took his passion for teaching to southern Taiwan, where he taught for three years at the HESS Pingdong branch. While there, he took advantage of opportunities in and out of the classroom. He participated as often as he could in HESS International Study Camps, where he brought students to Singapore for an English-immersion experience. In 2015, David jumped on a new opportunity for growth within HESS and joined the English Human Resources Department at the Main Office in Taipei.

  • Jacob Ballinger

    Applications and Interviews Coordinator

    Jacob Ballinger

    "Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia—the perfect mix of traditional and modern sensibilities. Combine this with HESS—the largest name in teaching English in the Far East—and you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience."

    Jacob heard about Taiwan after running into some Taiwanese exchange students during his undergraduate year abroad in Spain. Pleasantly surprised and curious as to how a group of people could be so welcoming and friendly, Jacob decided that he'd see Taiwan first-hand after graduation. Taking his marketing and Spanish degree with him, he started his new adventure abroad as an English teacher with HESS. After a year of teaching, he joined the English Human Resources Department at Main Office and is continuing his pursuit of Taiwanese culture, food, and language.

  • JC Guedon

    Director, English Human Resources Department

    JC Guedon

    "HESS offers you the opportunity for so much: employment, savings, having an adventure, professional development, teaching, and most importantly, affecting young lives. Working for HESS is an chance of a lifetime."

    JC came to Taiwan in 2002 after working for the municipal government in Canada. He was looking for a change as the public servant life was not giving him what he was looking for. He taught in New Taipei City for a year and was given the opportunity to be the Head NST at a new HESS school. After six months, he was asked to manage another school; after a few years, he was teaching and managing up to six HESS branches. After an opportunity came to grow further, he joined the English Human Resources Department as the Management Coordinator. He is currently the Director of the department and has countless opportunities to do things he would never have dreamed. HESS has given him the chance to find a new life that is meeting his goals and giving him an international perspective.

  • Wesley Jordan

    Contracts and Placements Coordinator

    Wesley Jordan

    "HESS and Taiwan are awesome! Fantastic people. Great weather. Amazing opportunities!"

    Wesley, a graduate of The Ohio State University in the U.S., came to Taiwan in 2008. He majored in political science and economics and is really interested in international relations and travel. With HESS, he started as a teacher in the XiZhi and Keelung areas, where he became a Head NST and managed the foreign staff of multiple branches. A few years later, he was offered a position at our Main Office and now is responsible for contracts and placements company-wide. He is a textbook example of how someone came to Taiwan for a one-year experience and found great development opportunities through HESS.

  • Derek Wright

    NST Training Coordinator

    Derek Wright

    "I’ve learned most from listening to the people around me."

    Derek Wright graduated from Northern Illinois University in the U.S. after studying journalism and media studies communication. He arrived in Taiwan in 2010 and taught in Taichung before transferring to the Main Office in Taipei. Before arriving in Taiwan, he worked in the media industry in the Chicago area simultaneously as a newspaper copy editor and the on-air talent of a talk radio program. He also worked as a music journalist for national U.S. magazines. Derek is a good example of how unrelated professional backgrounds often help potential teachers develop skills that are transferable to the classroom.

  • Gavin Johnson

    Director, Training and Development Center

    Gavin Johnson

    "Lots of great opportunities! Make the most of them!"

    Gavin arrived in Taiwan in 2004 after careers in sales and hospitality. He approached his move to Taiwan with an open mind and a desire to see where it would take him. After working in a very small branch for a year, he joined the Training and Development Center conducting trainings for internal company staff. These days, he manages the training center and in addition to teacher trainings in Taiwan, he also develops and coordinates training and development programs and study programs for teachers and students from Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. His time is split between these countries, and while life is always busy, it's never dull.

  • Yulia Berezniva

    NST Trainer

    Yulia Berezniva

    "It's all about learning, exploring, and living life to the fullest! What's stopping you?"

    Yulia moved to Taiwan in 2012 after graduating Georgia State University with a degree in Applied Linguistics. Eager to apply her academic background and previous experience of working with children, she spent three years not only teaching, but also, learning from young Taiwanese students right in the heart of Taipei. In 2015, Yulia got the opportunity to join the Training and Development Center to develop teachers both in Taiwan and abroad. Life has been a wonderful adventure since moving to Taiwan, and Yulia is certain that she wouldn't trade any of it!

  • Ben Marquis

    Curriculum Writer

    Ben Marquis

    "Leave the world better than you found it."

    Ben studied art, art history, anthropology, education, and TESL at Kent State University. After 7 years as director of technology for the Kent State University School of Journalism, he decided it was time to get back into the humanities. During his graduate TESL work he learned about HESS's good reputation in Taiwan and their dedication to training. So he moved to Taiwan to further develop his TESL experiences with HESS. After teaching in New Taipei City for two years, he was hired as a curriculum writer at Main Office where he dedicates his time to finding new and innovative ways to educate the children of Taiwan. He also competes yearly on the HESS dragon boat team and co-captains the team.

  • Cindy Liber

    Early Childhood Education and Development Supervisor

    Cindy Liber

    "Captivating sights, new challenges, and amazing opportunities: this is where fulfillment begins. Teach, live, and explore!"

    Cindy came to Taiwan in August 1999 after studying international relations and philosophy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. After stepping into the world of preschool teaching at HESS HsinTien branch, she was driven to provide the most fun and stimulating learning environments for her students. Cindy has moved through many ranks of the company, proving that opportunities and growth are the heart of her HESS career. She became a Head Native Speaking teacher, then a Branch Manager, then an Area Director for HESS preschools. She is now the Early Childhood Education and Development Supervisor at Main Office, creating new programs for young learners and developing programs for HESS overseas branches in China and Korea.

  • Gerry du Plessis

    Curriculum Writer

    Gerry du Plessis

    "HESS offers great opportunities for personal and professional development while gaining life experience in a beautiful and exotic country."

    Gerry moved to Taiwan in 2007 after completing a degree in media studies at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He taught in XinDian in New Taipei City for three years after which he became Head NST at the AnKang branch. In 2013, he joined the English Educational Research Department as a Curriculum Writer to pursue his passion for writing. He currently writes curricula for HESS branches in Taiwan and overseas.

  • Keith Beckett

    Curriculum Writer / Editor

    Keith Beckett

    "Every day in Taiwan is a chance to learn something new or see something interesting. At HESS, you have many opportunities to build a life here or gain experience to take with you wherever you go."

    Keith came to Taiwan in 2004 to have an adventure. He planned to return to America after a year or two to teach in U.S. schools, but his life didn't turn out as planned. After a year working in Hsinchu city teaching both kids and adults, he became the Head NST at a HESS branch. After seven years working in different HESS branches in Hsinchu, he moved to Taipei to work at a bilingual elementary school, where he worked for one year. During that time, he missed HESS and all the wonderful people who work here, so he returned to the English Educational Research Department in Main Office. He still works there, helping an excellent team improve textbooks and develop new teaching materials for students and teachers around Taiwan and around Asia.

  • Kyle Olsen

    Curriculum Development Coordinator

    Kyle Olsen

    "Feel at home with HESS in Taiwan."

    Fresh out of college with a degree in China Studies, Kyle arrived in Taiwan in 1992 eager to improve his Chinese, earn some money, and eventually move on to China. Kyle quickly found out, however, that Taiwan is a comfortable place to live and work. He ended up teaching English with HESS and serving as a HNST at several HESS branches for ten years before joining the English Educational Research Department in the Main Office as a writer and curriculum developer. Kyle has been involved in the development of many of HESS' key curriculums and continues to enjoy the challenge of creating high quality English language learning materials for the students of Taiwan.

  • Maddie Smith

    Early Childhood Education Writer

    Maddie Smith

    "Come for the adventure; stay for the continually rewarding work, support, and opportunities."

    Maddie was living and teaching in the Czech Republic when a friend suggested a move to Taiwan. On a week's notice and no time to set expectations, she moved here in 2011. With the support of HESS, she thoroughly enjoyed a year of teaching in the outskirts of New Taipei City and exploring the rest of this beautiful island. After taking some time off for travel, she decided she just wasn't done with Taiwan and jumped at the chance to join HESS' English Educational Research Department in Taipei, where she has since been using her psychology and dance therapy background to develop new curricula for Asia's youngest learners.