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To meet the needs of our learners, the HESS teaching philosophy consists of four key principles:

  • Educare

    Educare is an approach to schooling that recognizes the inseparable relationship between educating and caring for a child. If a child feels safe, cared-for, and loved and is provided with an attractive, stimulating environment, then learning will come effortlessly.

  • Multiple Intelligences
    Multiple Intelligences

    The human mind learns and performs different tasks in several different ways. We call these multiple intelligences. The eight different intelligences are logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and verbal/linguistic. These ways of thinking are all equally important learning channels.

  • Whole-Child Education
    Whole-Child Education

    HESS develops the whole child. Education scholarship shows that children will achieve the best results cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially when they develop a balance of these intelligences. HESS' curricula have therefore been written with the methodology of integrating several ways of learning simultaneously.

  • Concept-Mapping Theory
    Concept-Mapping Theory

    This theory was developed by Dr. Joseph Novak. It holds that all curricula must be integrated, and in order for learning to be effective, it must be built on prior knowledge. Our lessons are theme-based, integrated, and cumulatively progressive. Applying the concept-mapping theory to our methods and materials helps children to understand their world and learn more easily. All HESS lessons focus on one central element: the child.

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HESS International Preschool


HESS has the best teachers, offers the best environment, and provides the best materials, curricula, and teaching methods for preschool learning in Taiwan. Our aim is to introduce English in much the same manner as a child's first language is discovered. Through a wide range of stimulating activities and situations, learners acquire English naturally. It is our philosophy to nurture happy, well-rounded, curious, and confident children. We give children the confidence they need to cultivate positive social skills and self-esteem. Our students become confident English speakers.

Hess Education Philosophy


Since a child's window of language acquisition is wide open during the preschool years, HESS preschool classes serve as a foundation for later learning. We strive to create fun, stimulating environments that allow students to learn at their own pace. It is very important that preschool children can learn and play in a safe, stimulating environment. HESS’ international preschools have many child-centered learning aids, including building blocks, toys, abacuses, and musical instruments. Our classrooms all have a reading corner; some of our schools even have Japanese, French, Art, Computer, and Music classrooms. All of our branches have space for physical education and exercise, usually a large indoor playroom or outdoor recreation area. Smaller classes allow our teachers to pay ample individual attention to each student's unique learning needs. In our preschools, children feel safe, comfortable, and loved. In this nurturing atmosphere, they will develop their physical, emotional, mental, and social skills to their fullest potential.


Because we write, record, create, and publish all of our own materials, HESS ensures that our curricula are integrated and theme-based. While there are no limits to the materials a HESS teacher will use in class for all kinds of learning, our published materials are listed below. They are divided into Rainbow Kids, Rainbow Toddlers, and LOVE IT! class materials, although some books are used in more than one program.

Hess Preschool HESS Preschool - Curricula Map

Course Name Age Level Classroom Environment Student Ability Curriculum Style Curriculum Content
Yo Yo 2-3 1/2 day English, 1/2 day Chinese

These students are very young and need lots of personal attention. Creating a loving environment is the priority.

Safe, loving environment. Learn excellent pronounciation.

Social Interaction and vital self-help skills.

Rainbow Adventures 4-6 1/2 day English, 1/2 day Chinese

Children are encouraged to speak only English, creating an English immersion environment.

Theme-based learning. English and Chinese lessons mirror each other.

Bilingual education focusing on: speaking, reading, writing, listening, computer, math, arts, and crafts, motor skills.

Love It! 4-6 Full day English

Children interact in English all day, allowing them to fully adapt to Western learning styles.

Will learn subject matter in English. Very similar to the learning style of your home country.

Focuses on the same skills as RA, but does so through full English immersion.

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HESS Language School


At HESS, we realize that all students have different learning styles. Some students learn by using their eyes; others need to hear something to understand it. In order to accommodate all the different learning styles, we present language as visual and aural, as well as by providing kinesthetic cues. The three primary senses we use in learning are our eyes (visual), ears (aural), and bodies (kinesthetic, or actions).


It is important to stimulate all of these senses so that students are looking, listening, and moving. The objective of our teaching method is to meet the learning needs of all students by teaching to the sense with which they learn best. The secondary objectives include enhancing student's memory access and retention by giving them multiple ways to remember information. To motivate maximum participation from our students, we ensure our lessons’ activities are hands-on and engaging.

Hess Language School HESS Language School - Curricula Map

Course Name Age Level Classroom Environment Student Ability Curriculum Style Curriculum Content
Tree House 7-14 2 hour English class, 3 times a week.

These students graduated from HESS preschool, so they already have a good foundation in English. Most are semi-fluent.

Tree House lessons are very interactive and lively with lots of games and activities that allow students to use their language skills in a natural way.

English speaking and interaction with the foreign teacher is the main priority of this course.

ESL 7-14 2 hour English class, 4 times a week.

These are advanced students from the Tree House stream. Their English ability is excellent.

English immersion education. This curriculum spends less time explicitly teaching English and more time teaching subjects in English.

Art, math, science, literature, cooking. Specific subject depends on parent and student needs.

EFL 7-14 2 hour English class, 2 times a week.

These students are just starting with English. As such, their English ability is quite basic in the early levels.

The foreign teacher and Taiwanese teacher take turns teaching the class, i.e. foreign instructor teachers even numbered classes, Taiwan instructor teaches odd numbered classes.

This is a traditional style ESL course that focuses on speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

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HESS International Studies Institute


The HESS International Studies Institute employs qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience. All teachers have a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Teachers are included in regular professional development sessions to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and materials.

We regularly assess our courses, materials, and teachers to ensure that we maintain our high standards. Professional English, Japanese, and French course editors cooperate with our Chinese curriculum specialists to make sure that our courses meet the needs of our clients and our students.

We have native-speaking teachers from English-speaking countries, Japan, and France to teach our English, Japanese, and French courses. All our teachers use interactive teaching strategies so students become confident and accurate language users.


Language Learning at HESS

In addition to our well-known children’s schools, HESS now offers a range of language courses for adults at our MinQuan branch in Taipei. Learn English, French, and Japanese in a way that suits your needs!

• Experienced and qualified teachers
• Interesting and organized curricula
• Small classes
• Modern classrooms
• Interactive learning
• Convenient class times

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