HESS Requirements

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With more than 30 years of experience, we have refined our selection and training process to put only the very best teachers in our classrooms.

We recruit new teachers year-round to join our HESS Initial TEFL Training, and there are various training seasons throughout the year. We conduct an initial training almost every month, so there are plenty of opportunities to come to Taiwan.

Once you decide when you’d like to arrive in Taiwan, our recruitment staff will find training dates to match your availability. We ask teachers to arrive a few days before training begins so we can also assist in getting your medical exam completed and help you become familiar with your new environment.

We are looking for candidates who are:



Are you willing to work hard to shape young minds?



Are you ready to make friends with people from around the world?



Do you adapt well to new and exotic environments?



Can you keep up with a troop of 7-year-olds?



Are you ready to dance like no one's watching?



Can you answer “Why?” a thousand times a day?

Candidates should also have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy working with children. Teaching experience is an advantage, but it is not necessary. Living abroad or travel experience is also useful. Teaching overseas is an enriching experience that allows individuals to become stronger, wiser, and more interesting as people and as professionals. Start your adventure!

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