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Salary & Benefits

HESS offers a contract with a guaranteed minimum number of teaching hours per week, averaged over the month. This allows teachers to budget and save confidently while providing flexibility. With this contract, there’s also time to devote to other interests or take on more teaching hours.

  • Flexible Hourly Pay Rate

    Get paid for the time you teach, not for time wasted in the office. With a starting pay of NT$580–620 (based on experience and qualifications), you can easily save money and pay off your student loans. Being paid hourly means we pay you for your time in the classroom. There are no office hours and no required time at your school other than when you have a class. If you would like to take your homework to your apartment to grade it, that's OK! You are only required to be at your school when you're teaching.

    Flexible Hourly Pay Rate
  • Nationalized Health Insurance

    After receiving your HESS-sponsored resident visa, we will apply for your national health insurance coverage. This costs you typically NT$300–500 a month (depending on income and area) which is automatically deducted from your salary. (That is a small fraction of the total cost. HESS and the government pay the remainder.) The net effect is that you get extremely cheap access to Taiwan's well-equipped health system, including dental work and Chinese traditional remedies.

    Nationalized Health Insurance
  • Guaranteed Teaching Hours

    During your first month, we try and ease you into teaching by gradually increasing your workload. After that, we guarantee a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, averaged over the month.

    Guaranteed Teaching Hours
  • Regular Raises and Bonuses

    Once a year, teachers are appraised and given raises. Raises apply to your hourly pay rate and are up to NT$40/hour, depending on performance and professionalism. The ceiling pay rate of NT$750 per hour can be reached after four or five years of good appraisals.

    Regular Raises and Bonuses

One Month of Extended Leave
for Contract Renewal

Teachers who renew their contract after their first year may choose to take an extra one month of vacation time each year in addition to the vacation days built into each yearly contract.

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