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  • HESS Initial Teacher Training

    If you're not a teacher, don't panic:
    we can teach you how to teach. With more than 30 years of developing curriculum, teaching classes, and training teachers, we know a thing or two about how to teach English effectively, and we can train you in everything you need to know. Curious about our training program? Instead of reading about it, check out the video and photos below!

  • 1st Year Training Program

    1-day follow-up trainings are held for all new teachers three times in their first year. They are held after 1, 3, and 6 months of teaching. A wide range of teaching and educational psychology topics are covered. Trainings provide a wealth of practical advice and tips from experienced trainers and colleagues. They are also great opportunities to see friends and share your incredible experiences as teachers and foreigners in Taiwan.

    1st Year Training Program
  • TEFL Certification

    Teachers are awarded a HESS TEFL Certificate at the end of their first year. This encompasses initial training, branch training, 1-, 3-, and 6-month follow-up trainings, and a minimum of 800 hours of practicum teaching. As they are part of your career and on-the-job development, all trainings are free and mandatory regardless of previous experience or education.

    TEFL Certification
  • Curriculum Training

    We have set curricula with a full range of support materials such as CDs, posters, and visual aids, and classes are clearly structured. This means you don't have to spend long hours compiling materials and writing your own lesson plans. In training, you will be equipped with simple yet effective teaching methods and systems that will allow you to use these materials well and enable your students to succeed.

    Curriculum Training
    Curriculum Training
  • Free Training Accommodation

    During the initial training, we will set you up in a nearby hotel and cover the cost. The hotel is within walking distance of Main Office, where the trainings are held. Located in the heart of Taipei City, the hotel has easy access to the Taipei MRT (subway). Not only are there many places to eat, a supermarket, and lots of coffee shops nearby, the computer market is also a short walk away so you can find everything you need to get set up. As most of the trainees stay in the hotel, you will have friends to go explore with and other people to help you prepare for training activities.

    Free training accomodation
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